The Official Magazine of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association

Q3 2015

The Equipment Issue

  1. President's Message
  2. Chairman's Message
  3. SHCA Member Benefits
  4. SHCA Member Companies
  5. SHCA Events
  6. Legal Matters
    Builders' Liens: How to Have them Removed
  7. HR Department
    Offering the Right Rewards
  8. Financial File
    Mental Accounting: Thoughts on Making Purchases
  9. The Bottom Line
    Investment Driving the Economy
  10. Finning Looks East
    As Kramer Ltd. steps away from the industry, Caterpillar's largest heavy equipment dealer group expands into Saskatchewan
  11. Work Underway on Regina Bypass
    Field work has begun on hte largest transportation infrastructure project in Saskatchewan's history
  12. Training an Apprentice is good business
    Positive outcomes for employers, mentors and trainees
  13. Tech Tracking
    Telematics allows for construction companies to not just track vehicles, but improve machine utilization, increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption
  14. Selling Power
    Experts weigh in on hte five mistakes to avoid when selling used equipment
  15. The New Heavy Lifters
    Comparing the features and capabilities of the latest class of excavators