The Official Magazine of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association

Q4 2015


  1. President's Message
    Working to keep infrastructure on the agenda
  2. Chairman's Message
    Good roads lead to a thriving economy
  3. SHCA Member Benefits
  4. SHCA Member Companies
  5. SHCA Events
  6. Legal Matters
    WCB Assessment Rate Model: Change is in the works
  7. HR Department
    Performance Management: Focus on the four Fs
  8. Financial File
    When Innovation Fails
  9. The Bottom Line
    It's the way we do things
  10. SHCA's Southern Saskatchewan Golf Tournament on par
    Members celebrated a day of golf, laughs and friends
  11. 50 years - and counting
    Custom Truck Sales Inc. celebrates milestone in big way
  12. Smoothing the Road Ahead
    Tri-partite committee brings roadbuilders, consultants and ministry together
  13. SCETI: A Forum for Stakeholders
    Centre works hard to engage private sector companies, have their voice heard on provincial policies and innovation solutions
  14. CCI Answers the Call to Action
    Newly founded organization believes Canada's potential is too good to rank so poorly
  15. Cold Front
    Ground freezing technology builds in unshakeable stability
  16. 2015 SHCA Fall Convention Section
  17. Recycling our Roads
    The processing and use of existing materials for new construction projects is on the rise
  18. The Ease of Technology
    New online platforms and tools are emerging to make the lives of both employers and employees easier
  19. Designed for Productivity
    Whether looking to grow your business or improve your level of efficiency, atachments can help